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Sisi Takes Another Step For Women’s Safety

YVONNE boot - Sis Safety Wear

Local manufacturer, Sisi Safety Wear, adds an economical chukka boot to their current range, as well as two new steel midsole variants, in response to product gaps in the local female safety footwear market.

Sisi Safety Wear – a market-leading female safety brand within the BBF Safety Group stable–recently launched a steel midsole variant in two of their leading shoes and boots, as well as introduced an affordable split-leather safety boot option, in yet another move that addresses the gaps in the choice of local safety footwear available to women.

The popular Sisi Cate and Nicole safety footwear, that customers have come to trust for its quality, durability and comfort, will now be available in a steel midsole variant, says Vanessa Ronald, Senior Brand Manager for Sisi. The company is also unveiling Yvonne, Sisi’s first split-leather chukka boot, an economical solution targeted at contract workers and those on a budget.

“The new product offerings were inspired by the fact that a lot of women in industry are still wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed for men, as manufacturers have been slow to accommodate the specific needs of women. This has further compounded when it comes to local manufacturing solutions,” Ronald explains.

Despite certain environment specifications requiring a steel midsole, there is currently no female-specific safety footwear product locally manufactured that meets this specification and not many options available internationally either.

As a result, women requiring these levels of protection have had no choice but to purchase ill-fitting male footwear to ensure their safety. “This often causes discomfort, which leads to a loss of productivity, and can even result in health problems affecting the knees, hips and back, in the long run,” says Ronald.

When it comes to economical chukka boots, the market has an abundance of variations for men within a certain price point, but is lacking locally manufactured styles that cater to the contours of women’s feet.

“By replacing full grain leather with split leather, we are able to reduce the price by roughly 17% per  boot. This will assist those in non-heavy industry or contract workers who previously had no choice, due to price constraints, other than to be issued with split leather male boots,” Ronald says.

“We were also very calculating in terms of the colour and designs for this boot. We opted for a more conservative look so that the women wearing these boots blended in with their male counterparts and were not advertising their differences through a ‘girly’ looking boot, that opened the door for critism.”

These product developments are testament to Sisi’s commitment to women’s safety needs and ongoing dedication to research and improvement.

“There is a high influx of women in industry and we want to convert them to wearing PPE designed specifically to fit the female anatomy. By doing so, women will enjoy better health and safety and will also be able to focus their full attention on the job at hand, increasing their productivity on site.”

Cate and Nicole:

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Dual Density PU/PU Sole
  • SRC Slip Resistance
  • Available with and without a steel midsole.
  • EN 20345


  • Genuine Split Leather upper
  • Dual Density PU/PU Sole
  • EN 20345