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Period Pains & How To Kick Them

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If it’s that time of the month and the thought of getting out of bed, nevermind doing a full day’s work, makes you want to scream, we get you. Snuggling up in bed with a hot water bottle and downing pain pills is one way to do it. But doctors say that you can get some pain relief from Vitamin D.  That doesn’t mean you can just take it whenever period pains strike. It’s all about getting your dose daily. It’s also important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles – which we women need to look after. So where do you get it from?

Sunlight – the best way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D is to expose your skin to sunlight for at least 15 minutes a day. You don’t have to stand in harsh sun, just ensure you get some sunshine on your skin each day.

Food – red meat, eggs and fish (tuna and sardines) are all good sources of Vitamin D.

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Shifting Health: The Benefits of Sleep

Women are used to doing many things at once and living with little sleep. But, getting your beauty sleep is actually really important. If you’re working shifts, it’s not always so easy, especially when your neighbour’s teenager plays his music full blast all day or the guy down the road insists on renovating his bathroom. Scientists say that noise and light can seriously impact your sleep. So, if you are coming off a night shift, try to stick to a routine. Spend some time relaxing before jumping in to bed, to give your mind and body time to chill. Eat something light – such as a banana with oats and a teaspoon of honey. All those ingredients help your body relax and release the chemicals needed for good sleep. Do some deep breathing – take just five minutes and sit with a straight back and concentrate on taking deep breathes in and out. Try to block out all the light in your room, as well as sounds so you can have a good, quality rest.