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Sisi Launches Lifestyle Magazine For Women

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Sisi Safety Wear unveils quarterly lifestyle magazine targeted at working women in industry, which shares information on how to live a balanced and holistic life whilst juggling multiple roles on a tight budget.

Women’s personal protection equipment manufacturer Sisi Safety Wear has launched a quarterly lifestyle magazine for women, specifically targeted at working women who are juggling multiple roles – mother, wife, daughter, community member and employee – with limited time available in their day; living on very tight and demanding budgets.

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The publication, entitled Imbokodo – an isiZulu term referring to the resilience and strength of women – was born out of insights gained from conversations with working women in the industry.

“The title of our publication really sums up the calibre of the women that we are targeting,” says Vanessa Ronald, Senior Brand Manager of Sisi Safety Wear. “In talking to numerous women working in a wide range of industries in South Africa, we have seen that their strength goes beyond just a working woman in a male-dominated industry.  It lies in the essence of who these women are and their total contribution to their families, communities and the country as a whole.”

Ronald stated that interviewed women hailing from industries such as Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, reported that their days start as early as 4am each morning. “These women are not rising early to fit in a run or head to the gym, but rather to get a head start on the demands of a stressful and tiring day.”

The women stated that their early rising was to allow them time to get themselves ready for the day before seeing to the needs of their children and extended families. Most of these women also rely on public transport as a means of getting to work and their punctuality at work is often determined by the length of a queue and the reliability of the driver thus requiring them to be at the taxi ranks early.

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It was also interesting to hear how important these women’s salaries are to the running of their households, reported Ronald. “A woman’s salary is no longer a nice addition to the net monthly household income, but an absolute necessity. With rising costs, high unemployment and the resultant support that is given to extended family members of the employed, a woman’s role as a financial contributor has never been more crucial.”

“As a brand that is committed to the success of women in industry, we are constantly seeking for ways to add value to our target market.”

This led to the creation of a lifestyle magazine that will be distributed to partner companies throughout South Africa who employ women within their workforce. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, from nutritional, emotional and physical to financial and inspirational, with advice given from experts within the relevant fields, who would not necessarily be accessible to these women when considering the demands on their budgets.

“We understand our target market and we know that for many of these women the day starts long before they even get to work. The publication is about equipping women with information that will help them achieve some balance in what can be a very hectic life. We have encouraged women to get in contact with us through the publication and provide feedback, highlighting the types of articles that they would like featured to ensure that what we publish is directly relevant to what they need.”

Read the first edition right here.